William Almonte – What Keeps Recruiting Firms From Growing?

Recruitment is the process by which an employer appoints a deserving candidate to fill a vacancy. But it is rather challenging for the head of an organization to get the ideal applicant. On the flip side, nit all candidates have proper knowledge about the openings present in the market. It is where the recruitment agencies or staffing firms come to the fore front. They act as the bridge between the two parties, the employer and the probable employee, and meet the requirements of both. For the service, these hiring organizations charge a certain fee from the main office.

William Almonte - What Keeps Recruiting Firms From Growing?

Slow growth of the staffing companies

Though there was and still is a heavy demand for professionals to fill in the vacancies, experts like William Almonte, who keep a close watch at the present job market, have commented on several occasions that many reasons play an active role on the development or deterioration of these staffing agencies. If these issues can be eliminated, then both the employers and recruitment experts will be benefited.

Lethargy on the part of the recruiters

Just like the candidates who desire to get a job, the staffing agents need to keep track of the market. Early birds will get the best share and make the most profit. Most recruitment agencies wait for a significant time before they derive data and place candidates. In such cases, they stand a chance to lose potential applicants, who could have bagged the job. More active agencies will collect the details of competent candidates and place them at top organizations, leaving very less ponds and fish in the market. When this happens, you cannot expect to climb up the ladder of success.

Vacancies lessen with each passing day

All organizations require human resource. It is common for any office to feel the need of hiring new and experienced candidates. So, they publish advertisements accordingly. As it is not possible for applicants to keep track of so many companies, they take assistance from recruiting agencies. Mr. William Almonte mentioned in a conference that if the staffing agencies desire to make a profit, then they need to wake-up and face the reality. They need to do their part and offer quick solutions to both parties. If they take too long, then the companies may step into the market to appoint candidates by themselves. It will lessen the number of openings. Thus, staffing agencies need to act promptly.

Being too picky about candidates

Some staffing agencies reserve the rights of their service. They often refuse to accept the resumes of those who do not have any experience. In reality, it is the beginners who bring in more profit for the recruiters. These candidates are more likely to take up the first offer they get. The seasoned applicants, on the other hand have knowledge about how much they can get from the next company. It is this picky nature of staffing companies that prevents them from moving ahead and making a better profit. Until the firms changes these attributes, they will have to endure losses.

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William Almonte – How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

The process of recruitment is nothing new to you all, but like everything else, this process has also been updated. The updated version of recruitment is known as online recruitment. Before you accept anything new you ask for the advantages of that. This article is here to let you know about the advantages of online recruitment from the view of William Almonte. The advantages are stated as follows.

William Almonte – How To Start A Staffing And Recruitment Agency Nowadays?

Time Saver

The process of offline recruitment required a lot of time to complete the process but in online recruitment the process gets completed quite faster. In the offline recruitment method a certain time limit is given to move forward the process, in a day. But in online method of recruitment you can get connected to the system at any time. In the offline process of recruitment you have to give some time to apply for the vacant because the process goes manually but in online process the process is done within the system and the application can be done within a second. Like the job application the other steps of the recruitment process also gets faster in the online process of recruitment.

Maintains the budget

The updated form of recruitment or the online recruitment is not only a great time saver but it also maintains the budget of the people who are investing for this process. A recruitment process requires huge manpower as well as huge amount of money to hire them all. In the online recruitment process the demand of manpower gets very low because the system or the network does most of the work. This is why you will require less number of employee to perform the recruitment process and less number of peoples to be paid. This is obviously the online pages will not let you advertise for the job vacancy free of cost but this cost is comparatively low than the hiring cost.

Long lasting

In the offline method of recruitment the advertisement is for a limited time period. Because the same newspaper will not get read daily and the same pamphlets will not be notices every day. But in online method of recruitment the ad for the job vacancy will stay till you do not delete it from the webpage. The online recruitment has another benefit that the ad for the job vacancy will automatically expire if it gets the appropriate candidate.

Broadly displayed

The add for the offline recruitment can be found in the newspapers and hooding but the ad in the webpage can be seen by many people. Most of the people are connected to the social network nowadays this is why it is a good platform to grab the attention of the candidates. People may not read the newspaper where the ad is given but people can easily find the ad given in the social network.

Benefit of the employees

The employees also get easy access to the application of the candidates and they can move forward the application very fast and in an easy way.

Great choice for the candidates

The online recruitment method is also beneficial for the candidates. The candidates can apply for the job from any place and at any time. William Almonte, CEO of titan staffing system finds this method more beneficial for the candidates.

William Almonte – How To Use A Recruiter To Find A Job

Getting his desirable job is not everyone’s cup of tea. Everybody is struggling to find a job as a fresher. In the opinion of William Almonte, there is always a efficient recruiter, behind the success of a candidate. If you are hunting for a job, recruiters are always there to help you. The one, who values the candidates, is always a right recruiter. Finding a right recruiter is very important because he or she has connection with the employers of the industry. Thus, you can get more opportunities of jobs.

William Almonte

Find an experienced and efficient recruiter

You have to find recruiters who are specialized and who have experience in the specific field. You don’t need to pay them because they get paid from clients or the employers of companies. Before choosing a recruiter some basic information you need to know. How long have they been recruiting? What’s their speciality? With how many companies they have connection? How many candidates have they helped to be placed in last few months with same background as yours? You can ask the recruiters for knowing the experience of the selected candidates. Once they give permission, you can discuss with the selected people on more topics related to recruitment.

Catch the attention of recruiters

Recruiters seek candidates with excellent background who are appropriate for today’s market. According to William Almonte, you have to present your resume to the recruiters  in a professional way that attract  them. A well-written resume, your work experience, accomplishment attract the recruiters who are willing to recruit smart and capable candidates.

Communication and Discussio

Communicating with patience you need to build a relationship with recruiters. Stay in touch via email or phones. Keep them updated about your position and they will keep you updated giving more information of recruitment. You have to give extra efforts and use them to find a job. When you go to meet the recruiters, behave like a professional. Your dress should be formal. These are the basic things to impress them. This will be trial of main interview.

When you get an offer of interview through the recruiters, you must go. When the interview is over, let the recruiters know how it went and what are the issues you have faced. The discussion will improve you and make you perfect.

If you don’t get job offer after interview, discuss the reasons of rejection so that you can avoid the mistakes in future.

Sending thank you notes

At the end of the recruitment process don’t forget to send them thank you notes. They will remember you and think of you if there will be better job opportunities in future. You have to keep in mind that recruiters meet with many candidates a day and you have to stand out.

More tips

Don’t submit your resume to every recruiter. Sometimes you think that it maximizes your chances. It is a mistake if you think so. Because all recruiters are typically working under same clients.

Recruiters, who are known as search professionals, basically find people for jobs, they don’t find jobs for people. You should take help and use them to find a job. Always remember, your honesty and smart performance are the keys to win their hearts.

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William Almonte – When You Are Going To Be A Recruiter, What Should Be Your Main Key To Success

Being a recruiter is a hard job in a company. Here who you know is as important as what you know. More the people will trust and respect you, better the reputation you will build for yourself and your company. One must be very much sincere and dedicated towards his job because hiring great candidates only, will uplift the company. William Almonte the hiring manager is someone who navigates the entire process of any organization.

William Almonte - What Homework You Need To Do Before Going To A Recruiter

Relationship building must be the main aim and not the resumes: – a recruiter must be very kind and treat his candidates fairly, courteously with a friendly face. Recruiters can help their candidates by doing good turns for them whenever he can. One must believe in long term cooperation and must keep sincere good will with employees.

Using technologies in as many ways as you can: – a recruiter must be familiar with the vast evolving technology in today’s recruitment.  The importance of technology is very helpful.  One can prefer to do posting job, short listing, arranging interviews and even networking on the internet. Technologies are used in every stage, in the modern days.

  • To understand the need to speed up the recruiting process: to be a successful recruiter one must work very fast.  He should quickly post open jobs, networking with contacts should also be fast, interviews with top candidates must be his first priority, and rewarding winning candidates without any delays should be his concern as well.
  • Recruit anytime: a recruiter must not think that his recruiting hour is allotted previously. He willingly should spend his extra hours in search of new talents and hidden confidences all around. He must talk to various people everywhere, if suitable, and start to build a relationship. Recruiters may also join recruiting groups and recruiting forums where one can share their advices or offer help.
  • In depth understanding with company and jobs that need to be field up: a recruiter must develop a vast knowledge about his company products and customers. He must also know his strengths and weakness, so that he easily doesn’t get manipulated when a recruiter knows enough about his stuff and candidates. People will think him smart and company will have a good impression on him.
  • Measuring efforts: a recruiter needs to know what is working and what is not to refine his recruiting efforts. A recruiter must always make list of positions he filled in a month. He must keep his work under observation, to see how much time he takes to fill the candidates or number of interviews he conducted.
  • Developing strong marketing and communication skill: a recruiter must be a person with communication skills. The main part of recruitment actually involves marketing a company. It is very important for a recruiter to understand the art of sales opening and closing.

To be a successful recruiter one must not rely on a single source to find the best challenge. William Almonte said, ‘master business person of preparing industry, a general learning about you. So, being successful trust worthy sincere hard working and friendly brings out a good recruiter.

William Almonte – What You Need To Do To Make Your Recruiting Firms Successful?

The business of recruitment firms is being popular day by day. There are some strategies of recruitment that can help a company to get higher popularity. This article is here to discuss the strategies of recruitment that every company should follow. The strategies that this article is going to discuss are accepted by William Almonte and others. It is important to know the basic facts of recruitment process before you know about the strategies of recruitment. The next paragraph is here to give you the basic knowledge about recruitment process.

William Almonte - What You Need To Do To Make Your Recruiting Firms Successful?

The recruitment process is performed by a company to appoint new employees to the company. There are several steps of recruitment process that are quite time taking but important. Most of the companies have own recruiters. There are also several companies who don’t have proper employees who can recruit new employees for the company. In such situations the company requires the help of the recruitment agencies. The agencies help them to get new employees.

The recruiters of the recruitment agencies or recruitment firms are very much experienced and well-trained for their job. They do all the steps of the recruitment process and select the candidate for your company. The recruiters are expert enough to select the candidate who is right for your company.

According to William Almonte some strategies of recruitment have been mentioned here. These strategies will help your company to reach success.

Things you need to do to make your recruiting firm successful

  • Make relationships with new clients- Develop relationships with popular companies, institutes for recruitment purpose. Be a part of the recent industrial professional associations so that you could get in touch with different companies.
  • Be careful for the selection of employees- Choose your employees minutely so that they could select appropriate employees later.
  • Take help of the advertising agents- Use the professional magazines or websites to advertise for the staff recruitment.
  • Trust upon the experts- Take help from a guide or expert of this field so that you know about the mistakes that people usually do in this business.
  • Prepare yourself with a proper homework- Be ready with a business plan before your start-up with the business because a proper homework is needed before every new start-up.
  • Start up with new ideas- make unique ideas to grab attention of the clients and the candidates.

These are the basic strategies that can help you to start-up the business of recruitment firm properly. These strategies when used appropriately results into a successful business. You may hear new strategies for this business from the expert or guide. Don’t let all the strategies confuse you; learn the way to use the strategies properly so that you make fewer mistakes. Make yourself ready for a successful business with these strategies. The knowledge before the start-up with this business will help you stay away from huge mistakes in your career. Fewer mistakes you will do in your career more you will be successful.

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William Almonte – How Do You Need to Update Your Resumes To Get More Job Opportunities?

You need to refresh your resume with more updates throughout the year because opportunities may knock anytime! You can add your current accomplishments to your resume to highly impress the recruiters said by William Almonte. If you are updating your resume, may be you are confused what can you eliminate and what should be added to it. Don’t worry here are some tips on how do you update your resume.

William Almonte - How Do You Need to Update Your Resumes To Get More Job Opportunities

A resume should be short and highlighted with keywords

Now, one-page resume is myth! A few years ago jobseekers believe that a resume should not exceed one page. However, nowadays the candidates don’t find any rule related the length of the resume. But still it’s your resume, not an autobiography. So, it must be short and highlighted with keywords. If you are fresher or have less than five years of work experience or contemplate a total career change, a one-page resume is sufficient. Multiple-page resumes are for the technical candidates who have more than five years of work experience and records of accomplishments. The best way to represent yourself is to include a career summary statement in the first part of your resume. You have to choose keyword wisely and it should be displayed prominently.

Edit your work experience

The work experience section should deliver an indication of your career chronology. This is a summary of your work experience. Before that education section is another part where a candidate can grab the attention of recruiters with academic career and extracurricular activities. It is the important part for recent graduates. Professionals with three or four years work experience can skip this. Their main part is their recent obtained skill, their projects which must be highlighted.

Some tips to keep resume crisp

You should avoid repeating information. You can simply trim the extra part off by removing long description of job duties. That’s not the important part. What you have accomplished is more important. Excluding the personal pronouns, diminishing the uses of articles a resume should be prepared. Proofread is mandatory, because you have to cut the unnecessary words off. Customize your resume for the particular job target including the info relevant to your aim. Recruiters are mainly notice what you did recently, therefore it will be better if you eliminate your old work experience. And if you think that experience is vital for your career, you can add it briefly. Listing hobbies, personal interests, relationship status is not necessary. Avoid such irrelevant information. There should be no grammar error. If you do, a tiny mistake causes the bad impression.

Only a job seeker knows the importance of resume, because they need job badly in the market of competition. If you update your resume regularly, it will also help the recruiters to find out proper candidates as per their choice. The successful professional William Almonte always suggests to up-date your resume according to your recent projects, new skill if added to your profile.

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William Almonte – Know The Secret Of The Success Of The Recruiters

Most of you people have some idea about recruitment. You may have faced the test of a recruitment. The recruitment process is the process to select the employee for a company. This process of recruitment need some recruiters to make it happen. These recruiters are sometimes hired by any company or sometimes the company has its own group of recruiters. The recruiters of a company is also a employee of a company. This is job to recruit a new employee for the company. A company need various type of employee. Various departments are there that combine to make a company. Choosing the perfect employee for that particular vacancy is very much necessary. For doing such a important job the company will always prefer a more experienced person. To get famous in the profession of recruitment you need to follow some strategies, only then you may get success in this profession. William Almonte has also mentioned about these strategies in his articles.

William Almonte - What To Know While Starting The Career As A Recruiter

Today this article has been presented to you to let you know about the strategies that can help you to be a successful recruiter. These strategies are accepted all over the world. These strategies may lead you in the path of success. The following paragraphs of this are here to tell you about those strategies. You will also get the touch of the view of William Almonte in the strategies that are mentioned following.

Strategies to be a successful recruiter

First of all you have to understand your work properly. If you are not involved with your job totally then it will be very difficult to recruit a new employee for the company. The job of a recruiter is a very responsible job. A recruitment of a wrong employee can become dangerous for the company. Before you start up as a recruiter make sure you are well known with the job.

Secondly you should focus on the factor that will help you to judge the candidate. You have to understand the eligibility of the candidate in a single interview. Make yourself ready to understand the nature of the people or the eligibility of the candidate in a single interaction. Before you make a wrong decision make sure with the candidate because you decision will give effect to the company and its ups and lows.

If you are not experienced with the job that much you may also take advise from the senior recruiters. Seeking a help from the senior will not reduce you prestige either it will show that your eagerness to know more. You will get to know about some experiences regarding recruitment from your seniors.

You may also advise some more strategies to be a successful recruiter. But these three strategies are the most important to follow. If you want to be a successful recruiter then make these strategies your continuous companion. This will help you without having much experience. These strategies will help you to get more experience. These strategies will be your best friend.

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William Almonte – How To Identify The Efficient Recruiter

It is really very time consuming to find a suitable job for your own in this situation where there is high unemployment worldwide. Nowadays, there are so many options available for the job seekers, and a huge number of qualified candidates are applying for just a few numbers of posts. That’s why reputed companies hire recruitment agencies to complete the process of hiring. The competition is increasing day by day. For this reason, the recruitment agencies are facing problems as well as the job seekers. As the number of skilled and well-trained candidate is increasing, it is very tough to select the best one for your company.

William Almonte - How To Identify The Efficient Recruiter

According to William Almonte, the CEO and Founder of Titan Staffing System, among the capable candidates, the demand of a good job is growing day by day, so they require more recruiters as well as. Now, it is coequally important to find the ethical recruiter who will cooperate and encourage for achieving your desired goal.

Recruitment agencies do save many

A good recruiter plays a vital role to connect a balanced relation between you and the company. Yes, the recruitment agencies provide necessary training to make you absolutely perfect and professional for the organization. In short, this kind of agencies is the savior, they make your life easier. You can save a lot of time, energy and money, i.e., administrative cost also. But it is also an important point that you have to choose the right agency. It is said by William Almonte that a recruitment agency can bring out the best salary.

The agencies are also beneficial for the organization or company by saving their time and cost of advertising also.

The ways of Recruitment followed by the Recruiter

In the era of advanced technology, modern techniques are present to help you anytime. It is also time-saving, and of course, you can save money at the same time.

  • Social networking platform: Almost everyone has a cell phone, a smart phone. Who doesn’t use social media? This is the platform to search a job and recruiters too use the same way and give criteria for hiring candidates.
  • Websites: There are many jobs posting websites from where candidates get news of job and can apply for it.
  • Referral: This is very useful tool to hire the candidates. If the required criteria do match, the employees of the company can send a referral link, and by clicking it, the candidate can easily apply for the job opportunity.
  • Video- Interviewing: If you want to interview one who is not near and not able to come to the office to give a personal interview, then video-interview is the solution. It saves other travel related problems. Now, team members also discuss a project through video-calling. It is easy and time-saving.


Essential skills obtained by a voracious recruiter

Organizations want candidate enriched with good skills. So, recruiters select those who have these qualities.

  • Knowledge about Market
  • Leadership Skill
  • Management Skill
  • Excellent Communication Skill
  • Patience
  • Good Decision Making
  • Smart Personality
  • Problem Solving Technique
  • Desire to learn
  • Pleasing Attitude

So, these all are strategies you can follow before hiring an agency. You must know the technique, and now you can compare to make sure which one you prefer.

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William Almonte – How To Boost Up Your Team’s Productivity?

A group is a bundle of individual with various domains of gifts, capacities, qualities and shortcomings. So dealing with a group is an overwhelming assignment and need an accomplished and effective supervisor. On the off chance that you are an administrator or you are the CEO of your organization, at that point some high – end administrative expertise is an unquestionable requirement.

William Almonte - How To Boost Up Your Team’s Productivity?

As a supervisor you may have taken in a great deal about how to design, execute? What to organize and how precisely to streamline the work process for the progression of your organization. In any case, some of the time dealing with a huge gathering can be very testing.

Deal with your group like the way you do multitasking

A mind boggling and community work environment is testing and can be an extreme occupation. The individual workloads and after that dealing with an entire group can be stannous. While multitasking, you are exchanging amongst works and afterward making diverse segments to work different assignments in your psyche. Like along these lines, you have to fabricate isolate places for various individuals or representatives at the forefront of your thoughts. It’s conceivable when you are working with a little gathering of individuals yet when you are working with expansive gathering of individuals physically doing this sort of isolation is almost unthinkable.

In this post, you will become acquainted with some important hints on the best way to deal with a huge gathering of individuals easily and in the process help up the efficiency of your group.

As indicated by William Almonte, a business person master helping and controlling your group about how to oversee function and time is an essential factor towards progress.

To support up efficiency set an illustration

The initial move towards expanding the efficiency of your group is to set a reasonable objective. What’s more, to spur them for accomplishing the objective begin with setting a decent case of any past or another group who have finished that objective. Your activity doesn’t end here; you have to apportion fill in according to the in addition to purposes of each colleague. Deliberately design about how to dole out function. Try not to be excessively strict about due dates or targets. Keep up a formal however firm approach while discussing due dates and target.

Talk about additional to deal with the group proficiently

A tremendous lump of group administration is tied in with clearing up what you need from your workers or your group. Furthermore, instructions each colleague plainly how to carry out the activity legitimately is additionally fundamental with the goal that the work process doesn’t hamper or gets descending. According to William Almonte preparation is the most significant piece of the procedure of occupation allotment. When you legitimately clarify what you need from your colleagues they render better nature of work with no further disarray and misguided judgment.

Realize what to put in the garbage box

One of the principle parts of dealing with your group more productively than your rivals is to comprehend what you can keep aside and what errand should be done now and what task can be put dumped right then and there and you don’t have to put excessively of work constrain in it. What’s more, now and again let your worker take that choice of putting extra works in the garbage box. Give them the authorization to take developed choices. In conclusion be their pioneer, not the supervisor. No one wants to be exhorted on everything that they do.

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William Almonte – What is Human Resource All About?

Asset is the head working variable of any organization or association. With a specific end goal to work gainfully and successfully, every association needs a couple of essential assets. These incorporate capital, materials, apparatus and last yet not the slightest, labor or HR. Be that as it may, the lifeless assets can’t themselves meet and finish the points and goals of the organization. Henceforth, they should be searched out sorted out, used and composed the HR.

William Almonte - What is Human Resource All About?

From the need of this circumstance in each expert association, there rose the HRM or the Human asset Management. Like the way a Central Processing Unit works and plays out the head preparing elements of a PC framework, the human asset administration is moreover viewed as the real working piece of each expert body. It manages essential things extending from the part of finding and enrolling HR to execution administration, the welfare and security of the laborers for the organization.

In this way, the human asset bureau of any organization or association assumes a key part in building and building up the worker structure, rousing the representatives prompting the by and large or comprehensive advancement and composed organization of the organization.

What is comprehended by the term Human Resource?

To state it level, the term ‘Human Resource’ is utilized to characterize the representatives who work for an association or organization and also to depict the occupant office that is in charge of the correct and sorted out administration of alternate assets identified with the HR. As indicated by William Almonte  Since the central asset for any sort of beneficial and helpful work is basically people, and the fundamental recipe behind each unit of creation is all around in view of the operational measurements of man and hours, there is no contrasting option to HR in any expert field.

However, these days, with the quick move towards innovative progression and modernization, predictable endeavors are being made to lessen and limit the part of HR in the expert field of creation by supplanting individuals with enhanced and propelled hardware. However, it is likewise conceded collectively that machines are innovation based frameworks and are all things considered, required to be worked and observed by individuals. In this way, says William Almonte, the parts of HR and the overseeing bureau of HR in any organization or association are fundamental to prop up the organization, train and improvement of the association, in the end taking advantage of the estimations of its workers.

In the 1960s, when the esteem and worth of the work relations started to draw consideration and acknowledgment, and when such ideas and ideas like hierarchical direct, laborer inspiration appeared, the term ‘human asset’ purportedly softened up with its age having effect on the expert units.

Human Resource Management

The previously mentioned talk has at this point scratched a solid impression of the significance and part of the human asset overseeing division which make it essential to each association. The HRM takes care of the enlisting, legitimate preparing, pay, examination and advantages and security of the specialists, keeps up a sound boss work relationship adding to the general advancement of the association.

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