William Almonte – The Truth About How Recruiters Work

Many job seekers fail to rely on recruiters. But the standard misconception is to fail to trust those recruiters. So, it is essential to figure out how they fit into the job strategy.

William Almonte

Recruiters work for the clients-companies that require help for fulfilling a job opening. There is a misconception that it is the responsibility of a recruiter to find the candidate’s job and a job seeker ends up being disappointed if they fail to do so.

The Real Way Recruiter’s Work

Companies hire agencies, and some of them are kept based upon a contingency. They only get paid to at most 30 percent of the candidate’s base salary concerning their successful attempt, but if they fail, they get nothing. There are times when a recruiter works for weeks and months and gets back nothing in return. Therefore, the recruiter that brings in the best candidate is the only one to receive the payment.

Recruiters lack time to search for the jobs that are candidate-specific. Searching for the job depends on the candidate. The recruiters just form a “bridge” between the client and the candidate.

But, it is essential to know the expectation and the procedure to function with them since recruiters surely add appraisal to the job search.

Convenient Ways to Help Recruiters work with their Clients

  1. Accept their phone calls

Calls of a recruiter can come at any time of a hectic workday. In case the conversation tends to be for a long-term, requesting their number and reaching them at a suitable time can be better, as many of them will be glad to communicate beyond work hours. On the other hand, cutting the line can be disadvantageous.

  1. Remain Trustworthy

The dishonesty of a candidate is the most vexing thing for a recruiter. Some candidates lie about their current employment or, even regarding their unemployment, but unfortunately, the truth reveals itself through reference or, employment background checks on the request of the employers. William Almonte, entrepreneur of titan staffing system mentions that recruiters have communications across their various agencies in case of specific industries. Therefore, dishonesty spoils the fundamental relationship.

  1. Keep in Contact but do not pressurize

Keeping contact with recruiters can be an added advantage as it can impact the career development of an individual. But, the rate of communication should be on a proper level. According to William Almonte,the recruiter must not experience pressure from their clients regarding job opportunities or, employment vacancies.

  1. Prioritize on establishing the relationship with them than using as a bait to catch jobs

Recruiters are willing to work with candidates who are either recently unemployed or, already employed. Treating the recruiters can impact the job search. A recruiter’s well-treatment can be toward an advantage for times of job-needs. Focus solely on establishing a relationship with a recruiter who can efficiently fulfill the need. As it is best in working with the recruiters to have access to the yet non-posted jobs, it is also essential to diversify the strategies of job hunting.

Recruiters are helpful, as they play a crucial role in easing out the job search for individuals, according to their requirements and needs and present the desired job before them.