William Almonte – How To Use Recruitment Technologies For A Successful Business

A lot of resources and time of the company are drained during the recruitment process. It is imperative that strategic recruitment technologies are adopted to curb the loss of time and money. Technological methods if taken, it will result in more error-free and efficient handling of data. It will result in higher profits for the business. Also, the quality of candidates recruited if the technology is employed in the process, will be much better.

William Almonte Mahwah

Accessibility of information is easier

Gone were the days when a recruiter had to sift through hundreds of resumes every day and on the next day he could not find some important piece of information. With the ATS system in track, recruiters can track a candidate’s CV among a host of others. Also, true information regarding a person’s credentials can be checked. Furthermore, handling of resumes of hundreds of resumes can be done in the shortest of time. William Almonte thinks technology has made the recruiting process for recruiters much easier. Social media channels such as LinkedIn and Google+ have made it easier for recruiters to connect with a huge number of candidates. Most information is easily accessible these days.

Online and video tools for recruitment

The penetration of the internet among the masses has simplified the absorption of technology. Everybody can make use of the internet to gather details about any technical device. Online support and chat tools are also available. There are a feedback and rating system involved as well. Likewise, during recruitment candidates can be interviewed or tested for various skills through online chats and videos. They can also give their feedback and rating of their experience.

Benefits of using online chat and video recruitment

The live chat sessions and videos can be saved and stored. Recruiters can avail these when they want to rethink their decision of regarding a candidate. The interfaces of most contemporary technologies are affordable and easy to use. Also, they are easy to handle. They can be used for demonstrations for the training of recruiters. This way technology will serve two-fold use- First for the recruitment process, and second for the training of recruiters. William Almonte Mahwah feels thinks the online tools of recruiting have made the process of recruit ion much simplified than before.

Recruiting and marketing are now rolled into one

In the earlier days business enterprises had to spend separately for hiring and marketing. But now technology has made the integration of marketing and recruiting possible. Companies can make use of the social media to not only connect with people for marketing purposes. Social media is also used for recruiting employees. Furthermore through email marketing and content marketing companies can pitch to a candidate as well as market its service or product.

The modern technology has simplified the recruitment process. Marketing, promotion, recruiting and training can be done at the same time, or one of it indirectly may aid in the other. This way resources are better managed, and so businesses earn more profits.