William Almonte – How To Save Money In Recruitment

Recruitment is a significant aspect of any company, so many things depend on proper recruitment. This procedure itself has its cost at the same time it can either increase or decrease the profit or loss of the company considering the process and candidates. So the concern lies in the budget or financial maintenance of the company. No matter, how financially strong a company is, the HR persons or staffing manager have to be conscious for the expenditure of the company while recruiting staff. Therefore, the purpose is not only restricted in hiring staff but maintaining a standard budget and saving money is also the priority.

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As per Mr. William Almonte, there are a couple of section in a company which involves a good amount of cost, such as recruiting, marketing, administrative cost, and training also. Hence, a wise and thoughtful decision needs to be taken to maintain a cost-effective program.

Eliminate the Need for Recruitment Organizations:

The first and foremost step is to hire people, for which most companies tend to opt for recruitment agencies to save time and energy. But when your concern is to save money, then you have to think otherwise. If you know what the company’s need is, what are the required skills or qualification, then you may prepare the task on your own. Though resourcing candidates is a tough and time-consuming process, but it can be done with ease, only if the basic criteria is set.

Place Ads on Your Own:

Being appointed as a staffing manager, it is obvious that you know what the limitation of the budget is, what the job designation is all about, what should come into the priority while choosing the desired candidate. Above all, what are the desired criteria to fulfill the requirement of the job responsibility? Hence, you can very well list them down and place advertisements yourself, without seeking help from any recruitment agency. It is evidently notable in the work of Mr. William Almonte, that it comes to restrain the expenditure of the company; you have to look for an inexpensive yet fruitful way out.

Narrow Down the Searching:

The elaborate process of finding the ideal candidate may take a toll, but it can be shortened by only focusing on the priorities needed for the job. This will minimize the lengthy process of surfing through a bulk of resumes and long interview hours of misfit candidates. Prioritize them order wise deciding which is the first most important followed by second and third most important factor.


Negotiation should be done not only for fixing salaries of candidates but to loosen some conditions set for the best match candidates of the job. This will benefit to get a worthy person on board within the restrained budget.

Compromise on Trainer:

While the staffing manager is bound by a limited budget, then it is advisable to promote some experienced and efficient employee within the company as a trainer and provide training. It will be cost-effective since the promotion salary or incentives can be easily negotiable instead of hiring from outside, that might require more investment.