William Almonte – What Is The Working Mechanism Of Recruitment Agency?

William Almonte - What Is The Working Mechanism Of Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is basically going between the company which requires employee and the candidates which are looking for a job. It may sound easy but it is not so at all. If things would have been that smooth then there would not have been any requirement for a recruitment company. The company which is looking for a candidate to fill its position has in mind certain set of qualities and potential in mind. The availability of candidate may not fulfill the need. Also, a candidate has a certain requirement in his mind about the job and it may not match, So, basically it is a tough call.

Working mechanism:

The company which has a vacancy contacts the recruitment agency with all its requirements. So, for the recruitment agency, it is essential to have contracts with big companies and interact with them time and again to get good business. Build a relationship with them so that they are remembered and looked for.

Secondly, the recruitment agency finds candidates who are looking for a job. This may happen in any of the ways. A candidate might come to the agency himself by seeing an advertisement in newspaper or banner, or by visiting the website, can be referred by someone. He can be an acquaintance of an employee.  Or it can be some other source.

On the other hand, the recruitment agency can find the candidate through various ways.

As William Almonte, of huge reputation and experience, says, one has to keep watch on all possible avenues for finding the right candidate. It can be by giving advertisements periodically in newspapers, leaflets, banners, television etc. Have a very attractive website and blogs to attract candidates. Going to universities and schools periodically to inform fresh students about the agency. Arrange outlets in fairs to get potential candidates. They might be a referral of an employee or a previous candidate. He can also be a referral of friend or relative. 


Whatever might be the way by which a candidate registers himself with the recruitment agency; it is essential for them to learn all about the candidate, his qualification, experience, background? What type of job he is looking for? What are his requisite for the job? What kind of salary is he looking for? If he can relocate? What are his ambitions and career goals?

Next, it is very important to have a great CV which will attract the attention of the employee among hundred others. It should be smart and bring out a clear picture of the qualities of the candidate.

According to William Almonte, the association might require transient, continuous or legally compulsory assets to perform the actions, so it is essential for staffing/HR chief to pick best enrolment offices who cases to have one of a kind mastery.

The recruitment agency then screens the candidate from the list of all candidates they have.

They should have a clear understanding of sides, the recruiting company, and the candidate.

The interview

After screening the candidate, next step is informing the company which has a vacancy about the candidate. The company then goes through the CV and if it finds it attractive then it conducts the interview on phone and/ or face. If on consideration the candidate gets the job, the recruitment company is successful.