William Almonte – What Keeps Recruiting Firms From Growing?

Recruitment is the process by which an employer appoints a deserving candidate to fill a vacancy. But it is rather challenging for the head of an organization to get the ideal applicant. On the flip side, nit all candidates have proper knowledge about the openings present in the market. It is where the recruitment agencies or staffing firms come to the fore front. They act as the bridge between the two parties, the employer and the probable employee, and meet the requirements of both. For the service, these hiring organizations charge a certain fee from the main office.

William Almonte - What Keeps Recruiting Firms From Growing?

Slow growth of the staffing companies

Though there was and still is a heavy demand for professionals to fill in the vacancies, experts like William Almonte, who keep a close watch at the present job market, have commented on several occasions that many reasons play an active role on the development or deterioration of these staffing agencies. If these issues can be eliminated, then both the employers and recruitment experts will be benefited.

Lethargy on the part of the recruiters

Just like the candidates who desire to get a job, the staffing agents need to keep track of the market. Early birds will get the best share and make the most profit. Most recruitment agencies wait for a significant time before they derive data and place candidates. In such cases, they stand a chance to lose potential applicants, who could have bagged the job. More active agencies will collect the details of competent candidates and place them at top organizations, leaving very less ponds and fish in the market. When this happens, you cannot expect to climb up the ladder of success.

Vacancies lessen with each passing day

All organizations require human resource. It is common for any office to feel the need of hiring new and experienced candidates. So, they publish advertisements accordingly. As it is not possible for applicants to keep track of so many companies, they take assistance from recruiting agencies. Mr. William Almonte mentioned in a conference that if the staffing agencies desire to make a profit, then they need to wake-up and face the reality. They need to do their part and offer quick solutions to both parties. If they take too long, then the companies may step into the market to appoint candidates by themselves. It will lessen the number of openings. Thus, staffing agencies need to act promptly.

Being too picky about candidates

Some staffing agencies reserve the rights of their service. They often refuse to accept the resumes of those who do not have any experience. In reality, it is the beginners who bring in more profit for the recruiters. These candidates are more likely to take up the first offer they get. The seasoned applicants, on the other hand have knowledge about how much they can get from the next company. It is this picky nature of staffing companies that prevents them from moving ahead and making a better profit. Until the firms changes these attributes, they will have to endure losses.

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