William Almonte – Things To Remember While Working With Recruiters

When people are about to start or have started looking for jobs, it seems the toughest work on the earth, to locate a good job for themselves. Indeed it is not easy at all; there is a bunch of question pops up in mind about where to begin with. Whom to contact, how to write down an attractive resume, where to find opportunities so on and so forth.

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So to make the path easier, it is better to seek help from a recruiter who is well versed with the whole process says, Mr. William Almonte. But appointing a recruiter does not take off a headache from you. Rather you have to keep in mind some key factors while dealing with them.

Courtesy comes first

Always remember that your attitude and courtesy represents the half of you, which gets stuck in other’s mind. So, while speaking to a recruiter, be it a verbal communication or in person, be very responsive. You must always show your decency by repeating calls regularly if you missed any by chance. Even if you have to say no, say it politely with proper etiquettes. The recruiter might come across a fruitful opportunity for you later on; in that case, your past behaviours only will pave the further path for you.

Retained search vs. Contingency recruitment

According to Mr. William Almonte, knowing the difference between the two types of recruiter is important for you to clear your concept about recruiters. The first one usually focuses on the exclusivity of search as per the criteria laid out by clients. The latter does not have any specific search criteria. But one important thing in this context is to remember that they are not allowed to charge from any job seekers.

Target the resume

This is a vital point to remember that your resume is speaking on your behalf. All the required information about your qualification and professional experience should be there. Recruiters know what exactly impress employers, so any advice given by them should be put down to your resume. Since you are sending your resume everywhere, it has to have all the content to draw the attention of the recruiters or employers.

Be cautious

In this period of digitisation, words written on the internet spread faster than anything. Therefore whenever you would be writing anything on any professional blog, you better be alert. You cannot predict who would be seeing your post or comment regarding a serious context. It has been seen many a time that recruiters and employers observe what was written in the post and compare to the words uttering in person. This way, even if anybody tries to fake it in person to grab the opportunity, he might get caught.

The accessibility

Another important factor you should keep in mind and understand the job accessibility of recruiters. You may come across openings in your preferred company within your area, but it does not mean every recruiter have accessibility to those jobs. So you can opt for recruiters who are working in your specified domain.

This way your professional networking will expand, and you would be noticed by more recruiters in the industry to get help from.

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