William Almonte – What Are The General Mistakes Of Choosing The Right Recruiter?

In the business of recruitment, it is most likely to see that recruiters are getting paid by employers. Those instances are very rare when the opposite incident occurs. In other words, when the applicants pay the recruiters for finding them a good job match as per their requirements happens scarcely. So when you are on the side of employer and supposed to hire a talented recruiter for your organization, you are indeed responsible for taking the right decision. Not only regarding negotiating the remuneration package, but also taking the correct person board. As this decision, if you fail to take the right one, might land you and your firm into trouble.

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The possibility of a debacle

According to Mr. William Almonte, who is in the business for many years, when a firm chooses a recruiter, that person becomes the representative of the company. So unmindfully choosing an inefficient recruiter might cost you hard and ruin your working environment. Therefore, let’s focus on some common mistakes that we tend to make while hiring a recruiter.

Selecting a Recruiter:

Usually, when recruiters are on the verge of selection, they are most likely to mouth the common lines of being specialized in a particular field. The hiring manager should test their knowledge right on spot to verify the truth. It will clarify whether or not; they have any special knowledge about any specific domain.

Verifying their References

As per Mr. William Almonte, checking their references thoroughly is equally important in deciding their authenticity. Hiring managers do not bother to validate the previous clients of recruiters. This is where they make a mistake most of the time. They should ask for the credibility of the recruiters if they are claiming to be veterans in the business.

Hire Passionate Recruiters

The benefit of hiring a passionate recruiter, who will work devotedly for your firm, will ensure positive results. Since a passionate recruiter will want to know every detail about your firm, whether positive or negative. He/she would be keen to visit your company on their own. It gives a good impact to the job seekers to get a positive vibe from the recruiter about the employer’s firm.

Check whether the applicant was interviewed or not

Being on the hiring authority you have to make sure, that all the applicants who have been sent to you were interviewed by the hired recruiter. Since the recruiters do not spend much time on a candidate more than 5 minutes.

Do not let your headhunters waste your time

Be sure your appointed recruiters are not burdening you up with a bunch of resumes. They should not waste your time, and finish their task completely. Instead of asking you to take the actual interview they should reduce your task and finalize candidates for the selection in the last interview round.

While it comes to the payment of a recruiting firm or recruiters, make sure they serve you best, and with differently that assures benefit.